Based on the figures you have entered, you would never clear your balance. Please change these figures and try again

As you are paying the minimum payment and have an annual fee, we are unable to process the calculation, as you will not repay the balance on your card

The starting balance must contain a number greater than zero and less than 50,000

You need to enter appropriate repayment values

You need to select a repayment option in 'How you repay'

You need to enter a value for repayment

Please check you have entered the minimum repayment figures correctly

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You need to enter a value for the interest rate

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You need to enter figures for the repayment period.

Starting balance (Show different types of balance)

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    To enter different types of balances select the 'Show different types of balance' link above.

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    The annual interest rate will normally be the same as your APR, unless your card has an annual fee. To find out more see How interest is calculated on our website. If you don't know the interest rate for your card, you can use the example provided for now, though this could mean the true cost of your card is considerably higher or lower than calculated here.

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    Enter how much of your balance you think comes from purchases, and tell us your card's interest rate for purchases.

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    Some cards offer special low interest rates for transferring an existing balance from another credit card. If you have a balance transfer on your card, enter the details here. Where this is an introductory rate, remember to come back to this site when this rate ends, to find out how much more your card will cost you.

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    You may have used your credit card to withdraw cash, for example from a cash machine. Many cards charge a higher rate of interest for cash. If you have used your credit card in this way, enter how much of your balance you think comes from cash withdrawals and tell us your card's interest rate for cash.

Average monthly spending

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    If you are likely to continue to spend on your card, enter how much you think you will typically spend each month.

How you repay * Help?

Tell us how you currently repay, or are planning to repay. You may have set this up when you first took out the card. If you're not sure, look at your monthly statement.

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    You can arrange to pay a fixed amount each month, so long as this is more than the minimum payment your card provider says you must pay. Paying more than the minimum will help you repay your card more quickly. Talk to your card provider about setting up a fixed payment.

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    Paying a fixed amount in addition to the minimum will help you repay your card more quickly. You may be able to arrange to do this automatically each month. Talk to your card provider about setting this up.

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    Paying the minimum can be a useful option, but it will take you longer and cost you more to clear your balance. You can arrange to pay the minimum automatically each month. Talk to your card provider about setting this up.

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    Select this option if you would like to clear your balance within a fixed period of time.

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    By repaying in full each month, you can avoid being charged any interest and make the most of any interest-free period offered by your card. You can arrange to automatically repay your card in full each month. Talk you your card provider if you wish to set up a fixed payment.

Additional card details

Minimum payment rules for your card Help?

Minimum payment rules can be complicated. If you only pay the minimum amount every month, this can have a big effect on how much your card costs you in the the long term. If you don't know how the minimum payment is worked out for your card, you can use our example for now to provide you with an indication of cost.

  •   or  whichever is the highest
  •     plus monthly interest  or   whichever is the highest

Annual fee

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    Most credit cards don't have an annual fee. But if yours does, enter the amount here. Our disclaimer explains how these are applied.

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Your details: . . No annual fee. Edit these details Help?

Your credit card details. Make sure these details are correct before you carry on as the results are worked out using the figures you have put in.

How much your card will cost

Starting Balance Total interest
Time to clear the balance:
0 months
Total amount to repay Help?:

This is the total of all monthly repayments added together, plus any ongoing spend and fees, and will include interest charges unless your balance is cleared in full every month

Important These calculations assume that you do not continue to spend using your card. You may want to enter average monthly spending and see how this will affect your repayments.

Explore your repayment options

  • £32 £1000
  • Time period:
  • 1 mth 99

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Did you know?

  • If you maintained a balance of £120 on your card over the next 12 months it would cost you around £ a month, or £ a year in interest charges.
  • By increasing your payments to £120 per month you could save approximately £9750 in interest charges and clear your balance 7 years sooner.
  • If you were to pay only the minimum on your card, it would cost you £120 in interest charges, and take X years and Y months to clear your balance.

To change your repayment preferences you should contact your card provider.

Remember, these results are only intended as a guide and figures are approximate. See our disclaimer for full details.